Multisystemic Therapy – Building Stronger Families

Parental substance abuse can be a major contributing factor in child abuse and neglect, and the CT Department of Children and Families has funded a new evidence-based program to address this. Mutisystemic Therapy- Building Stronger Families (MST-BSF) is designed to eliminate parental substance misuse, prevent child abuse and neglect, improve child and parent mental health and increase natural social supports. Available to families when there has been a report of child abuse and neglect by a substance dependent caregiver, it offers intensive home-based clinical services that include substance abuse treatment, trauma treatments, education about parent management practices, family communication and problem-solving skills and case management. This strength based program strives to help families become less dependent on institutions and begin to utilize natural support systems with the aim of creating generalizable skills that will help families to problem solve within the family. Research has shown that participating parents show significant decreases in alcohol and drug use, depression and aggression, youth showed significant decreases in anxiety, and families were three times less likely to have a substantiated new incident of abuse or neglect.


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