Parenting Support Services

The Parenting Support Services Program (PSS) teaches parents skills to become resourceful problem solvers and manage the big and small problems that are part of everyday family life. It utilizes an evidence-based parenting curriculum, which means that research has shown it to be effective, and serves families with children up to age 18.

PSS focuses on 5 Positive Parenting Principles:

  1. Creating a safe and interesting environment for children;
  2. Creating a positive learning environment;
  3. Using assertive discipline;
  4. Having realistic expectations;
  5. Taking care of yourself as a parent

PSS materials are “user friendly.” From discussion to information sharing, homework assignments to reading, videos to informational “tip sheets,” the parent involvement is the key to the success and leads to positive outcomes with their child.

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the success of the program is that 79% of parents completing pre/post PSS questionnaires reported; a) a decrease in child behavior problems; b) improvement in their disciplinary style; c) a decrease in their depression, anxiety, and/or stress. 100% completing a satisfaction survey were satisfied with services.


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