Family Centered Services of CT (Family CT) believes that all people have the basic human right to be safe – safe to go for a run, safe to be in their homes, and safe to engage with those who commit to serve and protect, without fear for their lives. We recognize that conversations about safety must include conversations about race.

We know that the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others over the years are not isolated incidents. We know that members of the Black community experience forms of racism on a regular basis. And we know that it is no longer enough to “not be racist.” We must be antiracist and actively work against racism in all its forms.

Family CT commits to speaking out against racism and to be antiracist. We commit to having open conversations with our staff about racism and its systemic effects, allyship and supporting African American staff and colleagues, even if the conversation is uncomfortable.  As an organization, we have the opportunity to talk to Black families about how they are impacted by racism and to White parents, about how to raise children who are antiracist. Through our Family CT programs, we are able to work to reduce maternal and child health disparities, assist victims of hate crimes to file police reports and go through the criminal justice system, and to encourage students to take a stand when witnessing injustice. We commit to this work, and to engaging with all our partners to take active steps to use our outrage to achieve a vision of a safe and caring community for all.