Intimate Partner Violence – Family Assessment Intervention Response

Statistics indicate that there are 5.8 million victimizations of women by their intimate partners in the United States each year. A woman is assaulted in the United States every 9 seconds with domestic violence accounting for 15% of all violent crimes. In Connecticut, there are approximately 20,000 family violence incidents annually resulting in at least one arrest.

Children who witness intimate partner violence are at an increased risk for child abuse and neglect and are more likely than their peers to experience a wide range of difficulties. Family Centered Services is on the cutting edge offering a new trauma-informed and family focused program designed to work with the entire family including victim, offender and children.

The Intimate Partner Violence-Fair program, funded by the Department of Children and Families, offers a comprehensive array of clinical and supportive services to families impacted by intimate partner violence including family engagement, trauma screening and assessment, safety planning, parenting education and skill building, trauma focused and relationship-focused therapy and community linkages.

A Fatherhood component for fathers with young children addresses the intersection of substance abuse and intimate partner violence and offers cognitive behavioral therapy, co-parenting sessions when appropriate and restorative child-parent psychotherapy. Fathers are helped to understand how their own childhood experiences affect parenting, develop coping skills, explore their wishes about the kind of father they would like to be and eliminate negative parenting practices. Called Fathers for Change, this component of the program focuses on men’s roles as fathers and their wishes for their children as motivation for change.


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