South Central Medical Home Initiative for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Care coordination is the process of linking families with supports and services, facilitating communication between providers, and ensuring that the appropriate services are being delivered to promote good health.

Helping a child and family live with a chronic condition – whether it is medical, behavioral or developmental – sometimes feels daunting. Family CT’s Care Coordinators partner with families to develop and implement a Care Plan that identifies needs related to the child or youth’s care and details how and when the services or resources will be accessed. With the family’s permission, the care plan is shared with the primary care doctor, specialists, school, and any other organization involved in the child or youth’s care. Care Coordinators also facilitate and improve communication between families and providers, attend educational meetings, plan and convene family-provider meetings to develop shared goals and provide information and support to the family. Home visits, phone calls and medical office visits all provide opportunities for families to “share their stories” and talk about how they are coping with daily life experiences.

The program, based on a “medical home” model of care, believes that the family is the expert in the child’s care and must be involved in decision-making. A coordinated approach to care provides many benefits to the child and family ranging from reduced hospital stays and emergency department visits, coordinated services and care, and perhaps most importantly a compassionate focus on the well-being of the child and family.

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