Wyman Teen Outreach Program


Thanks to you and the efforts of our local legislators including State Representatives Toni Walker and Robyn Porter, Governor Malloy restored funding to the Teen Outreach Program. Although funding was cut, the program has been preserved.

The Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is a school-based program that combines learning with community service to give young teens an understanding that they can set and reach goals, contribute to their community and determine their future. It uses an evidence-based curriculum proven to be highly effective in preventing the risk factors that contribute to dropout rates, academic failure and teen pregnancy.

Asia Goubourn, Teen Outreach Program Director stated, “I remember the day we had to tell the students that there was a strong possibility our TOP program budget may get cut.  The look of disbelief and disappointment covered their faces.  From that moment on, I knew I had to fight, and I knew that I would not be standing alone.”

“Over 100 TOP students expressed their concerns about a possible elimination of the TOP program to their state senators, representatives, and even the governor. I am happy to say that their voices were heard!  Our students wrote letters, called, and even went to the capitol to lobby on behalf of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) budget.  As an adult, it was great to see the students stand up for what they deemed important, and to fight for what they believed in.”

Restoration of these funds demonstrates that letting our voices be heard does make a difference. Thank you!

The Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) is a youth development program that uses an evidence-based curriculum, proven to be highly effective in preventing risk factors that contribute to dropout rates, academic failure, and teen pregnancy.

At the start of the academic school year, TOP® at Family CT collaborates with Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School, Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine, West Haven High School, and Park City Magnet School to implement Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program curriculum.  By the end of the year, students who are involved in the program demonstrate healthy behaviors and decision making strategies that help them set goals and become active members of their community.

Now in its 9th year, the TOP® program has served over 900 students in the Greater New Haven and Greater Bridgeport areas.  We are extremely honored and proud to be a part of such amazing educational communities that place high values on their students, and look forward to many more years of service.

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